May 10, 2013

Pakistan’s Elections 2013 – Make or Break Time

“11th May voting isn’t between two parties, but in fact it is between two ideologies, two visions, two generations and two school of thoughts”

After 5 years of lawlessness, economic turmoil, energy crisis, corruption and number of other issues we are set to vote on 11th May 2013 that is only a day away from today, in fact less than a day. After tasting the fruits of democracy with patience and tolerance, this nation is all set to choose its next set of representatives. The important point to ponder here is whether this time democracy will be the best revenge from corrupt elite of the country or will it be a revenge from masses for again trusting the democracy? This is the real test of our knowledge, conscience and abilities. Whether we will be able to choose representatives that represent us or whether we will again be choosing the people that represent forces who don’t have interest in this homeland. This will be purely our decision and if we handed over the country to corrupt elite once again then it won’t be ethically justified on part of us to rebel against that system. We will then have to live by our choice.

In my 27 years of life, I have witnessed four general elections i.e. 1993, 1997, 2002, 2008. Fortunately or unfortunately I wasn’t able to vote in any of them, in first 3 due to age and in last one due to professional commitments. These elections are the first one in which I am passionate and eager to vote and this isn’t a case with me only, this is the case with millions of young people who are desperate to exercise their right of vote for the very first time in their life and are desperate to show that revolution can’t only be brought by rallying in streets but through exercise of vote. None of us had any idea that how much a stamp can change our fate and our lives but the last 5 years of revenge by democratic forces opened up our eyes.

This is in fact a make or break time for all of us. Either we can make ourselves a nation or can break ourselves further into more sects, cultures and ethnicities. Being a learned, knowledgeable generation of digital age, it is our responsibility to make our choice with due diligence and convince others to vote too for right ideology and leadership. We need to ensure that this time we don’t let religion, ethnicity, family or any other factor hijack our opinion and we vote only on the basis of ideology and in the best interest of this homeland. If we lost this golden opportunity and handed over the country to those who are not able to run the state of affairs properly then we will be culprits for our upcoming generations and they will never forgive us.

May Allah (SWT) help us in choosing the right and May Pakistan prosper by leaps and bounds.

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