January 27, 2013

The Recipe of Revolution

If I ll ask have you ever heard the word “Revolution” then definitely you will think what am I asking? This word will be echoing in your mind from the time you started having senses. Many times in your life you have heard stories of revolution and even might have witnessed many revolutions. You may have been inspired many times a day to bring revolution. But do you know how revolution is baked? Do you know what toppings make a revolution more worthy and how can you help people digest it easily?

Let me tell you an instant recipe to bake a tasty revolution.

Here are some easily available but important ingredients

  1. Financial embezzlements 
  2. Dubious character 
  3. Self exile 
  4. Political asylum 
  5. Dollars, Euros or Rials 
  6. Healthy relations with U.S, U.K, Europe, Canada & Saudi Arabia
Financial embezzlement and a dubious character are important ingredients to start cooking. You should have the ability to commit moral and financial embezzlements. You should have the ability to play with the minds and hearts of people through visionary words, religious speeches and wisdom. You should ensure that the bank accounts of you, your family, your friends and your servants are full and that you and your coming generations can live an honorable and peaceful life in any civilized country for more than two centuries. Once the task is accomplished then you will feel that people will start pointing at your character and your hard earned money. This will be an important phase in baking. You will have to add new ingredients here. As the accountability team will start accountability or army will take over, that will be the perfect time when you should add two ingredients of self exile and political asylum in your dish. You should leave this unfaithful country that doesn’t deserve talented and charismatic people like you and should seek asylum in U.S, U.K, Europe, Canada or Saudi Arabia. All you need to do is to ensure them about your loyalty to them and they will happily grant the asylum. Live there, earn heaps of money and enjoy your life and stay there for at least a decade and. When you start feeling that the amount in your bank accounts is getting low then announce to return to serve your motherland once again.

Now your dish of revolution is almost cooked and is ready to be served. All you have to do is to arrange a massive rally for revolutionizing the life of poor masses by investing your hard earned money and hold a procession either on Minar e Pakistan or Quaid’s mausoleum. Present your agenda and quote Quranic verses and provoke people to topple the government for bringing revolution. You should also give some examples of Iranian, French, Egyptian and other famous revolutions. You should make people spellbound through your words. Then set a deadline for the government to accept your demands and as they will not comply lead people towards the capital. Either you will get a call in between the route or they will negotiate with your demands in the capital. Get your accounts filled again and head back to a civilized country to spend a decade more and laugh on the fate of poor masses.

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