January 27, 2013

The Day When I felt Ashamed of Being Human

It’s been almost 27 years to me and throughout this time I have witnessed hundreds of incidents that shook me altogether. Those events made me think whether this was the reason, the universe was created and human beings were sent?  Whether this was the reason we were called “Ashraf ul Makhlooqat” (being above of all creatures) and for this we were granted hearts and brains?

Throughout this whole time of my life, I have witnessed and heard numerous brutal events that put a big question mark of our being human. From Javed Iqbal’s Killing of 100 innocent children to a mob of barbarians lynching two brothers. From hundreds of drone attacks that killed innocent people to hundreds of suicide attacks in which innocent people lost their lives. I have heard of Kids getting raped and killed and girls getting married with the Quran. I have watched children admitting their parents to Old age homes. I have heard brother killing brother for money and a son killing father for land.

All these events happen so frequently that with every passing day they have become a part of our routine life. We never consider getting affected by such events. But now, we have reached the height of brutality and barbarism. 114 people of single community killed in one day in two parts of the country and we felt nothing for them. No condolence, no mourning, no prayers, no tears and no words for them. We remained busy in earning, enjoying our fabricated life. The families of the deceased are sitting on the road with 87 dead bodies in -8°C temperature but it made no impact on us since none of us were affected by it. Parents lost their sons, brothers lost their sisters, wives lost their husbands and we haven’t moved a single inch to help them, to raise our voices of them. All of us are busy blaming Government, Politicians, Media, Judiciary, NGOs, Establishment but aren’t ready to help our brothers and sisters who are shivering with cold in Quetta to demand justice for them. All of us are waiting for a miracle to happen. A nation that runs to celebrate a victory over India has become so heartless that they cannot speak a single word of condolence for their brothers and sisters. We all claim to be Muslims who believe in Allah and follow the Prophet (PBUH) but when it comes to their teachings then we become deaf and dumb. Following hadith clearly explains the viewpoint of Islam:

“The believers, in their mutual mercy, love and compassion, are like a (single) body; if one part of it feels pain, the rest of the body will join it in staying awake and suffering fever.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari)

I am feeling ashamed of even pronouncing ourselves as a human being as even animals don’t behave in a way we are doing. Even jungles have certain rules. It’s high time that now we should mend our ways otherwise even history will not like to remember us. 

May departed souls rest in eternal peace.

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