January 27, 2013

A New Pakistan

It’s been 65 years since Islamic Republic of Pakistan is on the face of earth and from day first slogans of new and better Pakistan & revolution is being chanted by Politicians, Dictators, Religious Scholars and many more. The efforts of all of them to create a new Pakistan were fruitful in 1971 when they succeeded in separating East Pakistan from West Pakistan and hence a new Pakistan was created. 

Every new day a juggler wakes up and tells masses that he / she is going either going to build a new Pakistan or going to bring a revolution and I am unable to understand few things in this regard:

  1. Why a new Pakistan? 
  2. What’s so wrong with this Pakistan? 
  3. What’s so special will the new Pakistan provide to us? 
  4. What do the mean by revolution? 
  5. What will be the plan of action for the revolution? 
  6. What will happen after revolution?
New Pakistan and revolution have become popular and enchanting slogans to attract masses and we get attracted too. Political parties spend years in government and when next election comes, they start talking about building a new Pakistan and revolution. Why they can’t build a new Pakistan or bring revolution in those five years when they were having power and resources? Leaders impose self exile on them and move to western countries to make money, after a decade when they come back, they start talking about a new Pakistan and revolution. Why they didn’t think about this before leaving the country? Some Leaders become western nationals and don’t visit Pakistan for years but start talking about building a new Pakistan and revolution by sitting miles away from this homeland. Dictators spend decades in government and when they leave, they start talking about building a new Pakistan and revolution. Religious parties, civil society and many more beat the same trumpet. All of them talk about these two matters but they never highlight any agenda or approach that how will they build a new Pakistan or bring revolution. This slogan has become a popular way to attract people for coming into power and then after taking charge of government the balloon of dreams burst. Then all the promises of new Pakistan and revolution become a past story and miserable life for the masses starts again.

All of them should stop chanting these slogans. They should stop misleading the masses and should start portraying the true picture of them and of this country. If they want to build a new Pakistan just as they did in 1971 then we are happy with this Pakistan and we don’t need a new Pakistan. 

May ALLAH (SWT) bless Pakistan.

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