December 20, 2012

O Mighty Siachen!

You may be mighty enough for the whole world to get terrified from you but not more than the determination, commitment and patience of the Pakistani soldiers staying on you. You may be mighty enough for the world’s sophisticated machinery, technology but not more than the roar of Pakistani lions. For more than 28 years you were unable to shake them and at last you decided to play havoc with them. For more than 28 years you were unable to take their smiles from their faces, their songs from their tongues, their determination from their hearts and minds and then this act of insanity. But remember, even your insane act, can’t shake the determination and patience built in them. Your insane act made them even more stronger. They are defending their country at world’s toughest and highest battlefield from last 28 years and still you cannot shake and break them. No matter how many times you will hit them you will find their determination more than ever. You will find them as hard as rock and as brave as a Lion. You will find new example every time and every time your cruelty will be dealt with super resolve.

By hitting them with an avalanche on 7th April you might have thought that you will be able to make them bend and leave you but that isn’t going to happen. They had conquered you 28 years back and will not leave you because of your insane acts but will leave you when they will decide to. You thought that by hitting them with avalanche you will be able to get your name written in history books as one mighty glacier that engulfs everything but dreams often remain dreams. All dreams can not become reality. The brave men staying at your peaks will not let your dreams come true. Your snow, cold weather, avalanche, and all other factors cannot derail them from defending their homeland. They will always be rock solid to defend their homeland. O mighty glacier, don’t play insanely and be justified in your acts. They are sons, brothers, fathers of this homeland’s families. Don’t try to tease them. They are there for us. Don’t do unjustified acts. Don’t play unholy with them. Though it is said that “everything is fair in love and war” but if you want to be at war with them then keep the warfare as fair enough.

O my dear soldiers and civilians my entire life isn’t equal to a single second spent by you on mighty glacier. Hundreds and thousands of prayers and wishes are for your safe life in my heart. Your bravery is unmatchable and no one in this whole world can compete with you. The whole nation salutes you for the time spent by you on the mighty glacier so we may sleep calmly. We all pray and wish for your safe return to your families.

O ALLAH (SWT) please keep them all safe and alive and please give us all patience to bear this calamity. O ALLAH (SWT) please keep every one on the glacier and in this country safe and make this country a heaven to live for everyone.

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