December 15, 2012


On 9th October 2012 a 14 year old school girl named Malala Yousafzai was shot in head and neck when she was on her way to school in Mingora (Swat). Two other girls named Kainat & Shazia got injured too. Miraculously Malala survived and was rushed to military hospital in Peshawar but few days later she was taken to U.K through air ambulance for treatment where she is regaining health now.  Malala became famous in 2009 for writing blogs for BBC against Taliban suppression. The attack on Malala was unexpected though but as expected TTP claimed the responsibility of attack. The attack was made exactly two days after Imran Khan’s peaceful march to end drone strikes in South Waziristan.

Ever since the attack happened, National & International media, Politicians, NGOs, Civil Society condemned the heinous crime and prayed for Malala’s health as well as bringing the culprits to justice. Already an iconic figure Malala since the attack has been turned into an icon of peace and bravery.

This was one side of story, there is also another side of terrorism happening in same country.
Since October 2012 to November 2012, in only two months time around 540 civilians and 71 security forces personnel have been killed in as many as 9 suicide attacks and 107 bomb blasts. (Figures summarized from SATP portal). Moreover in two months 5 drone strikes were made in which 34 alleged militants were killed.

Here one question arises

Are all citizens equal in Pakistan as stated in below article 25 of the constitution:

Equality of Citizens:

  1. All Citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.
  2. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex.
If all citizens are supposed to be equal then why a special treatment is happening with only one citizen where rest of the nation is helpless. The above mentioned fatalities were only based on terrorist attacks. There are hundreds of cases of rape, murder happening daily but Media, Politicians and NGOs don’t raise voice against them. One event has been made so significant and everyone is in the grip of Malala incident. This clearly shows biased behavior of Media, Politicians, NGOs, Civil Society, Me and You.

Here I have few more questions to ask.

  1. Are the lives of rest of citizens not important?
  2. Shouldn’t rest of citizens be treated with best medical facilities?
  3. Do they have different blood?
  4. Do they breathe different Oxygen and drink different Water?

What is happening here is that one event has been made so significant that rest of events and atrocities have become meaningless. In last two months whether you switch on TV/Radio or pick up a newspaper, everywhere you will find news covering Malala. Every one of them is in race to cover Malala as much as they can whereas rest of the events held no importance for them. International and Local lobbies are making mockery of us through media. They want us to think in limited way dependent upon them. They want us to see what they show only, they want us to listen what they say only and hence we keep on getting away from truth.

No doubt Malala is an iconic figure but she has been used for vested political and security interests by everyone. Politicians are in run to earn fame and good name and hence every thing in this country is being named as Malala. Malala day has been celebrated and Malala schools are being built but what about soldiers who got martyred in Salala, Siachen and thousands of security personnel and civilians who got killed due to terrorism? A single day hasn’t been assigned to commemorate their bravery and sacrifices. Malala’s father has been offered job in Pakistani High Commission in Britain but what about hundreds of other sons, father, mothers, wives who have lost their breadwinner? United Nations was quick to pass resolution for Malala day and to denounce the incident but what about innocent civilians who are getting killed and injured in drone attacks, what about civilians and soldiers who are getting killed by other terrorist attacks? Our Media is in the race to have maximum TRP and revenue and hence their only focus is the issue through which they can have maximum revenue whether that issue holds any importance or not. NGOs always focus upon issues which provide them a chance to bag more donations. Hundreds of people burnt to death in Karachi factory fire but no NGO came forward to speak for their rights. On daily basis hundreds of girls get killed, raped or assaulted but you will never see them speaking for those and once an incident of even a lower scale but with more chances of getting fame happens they suddenly get up and come to streets. These are clearly double standards and world need to do away with them if they really treat and consider everyone equal.

Now let’s talk about Me and You. We are literate and wise people and we should develop our own opinion rather than blindly following what is being said or what is being shown. We have been blessed with eyes to see, ears to listen and mind to think and we should use each of them collectively and efficiently. Only then we will be able to get out of the grip of the conspirators.

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