August 16, 2012

Religious Game Shows

Religion holds an important place in most of the human beings life. Whether anyone belongs to any religion, more or less in one way or the other he / she is attached with his / her religion, whether he / she follow it or not. Similarly I am concerned about my religion and how it is being portrayed.
Over the past decade two things were used and are being used to damage entire world. i.e. War & Religion. Through war physical infrastructure is being demolished and through negative use of religion moral infrastructure is being demolished. To achieve personal purposes Religion is being used in every good and bad thing i.e. begging, charity, donation and wars. 

The commercialization of media has seriously threatened the way religion is being interpreted. Instead of belief, religion has become a commercial item to sell. And it is being sold like hot cakes. 
Though over the years, the commercialization practice remained in place but this year particularly the sanctity of holy month is being mocked largely. Particularly leading channels are playing with the spirit of religion. Those who boast to inculcate moral values in society indeed have no moral values left in them.

There are particularly three shows which need to be reviewed.

One is being hosted by moral and religious police man Dr. Aamer Liaqat who is inculcating moral values in society through his game show but he has forgotten to justify that his hopping from one channel to other is unethical too. The way show is being organized is ridiculous and the way the guests are begging for the gifts and the way gifts are being hurled doesn't get aligned with our religious sanctity. 

Then there is our famous religious police woman Ms. Maya Khan who is trying to match pace with his mentor Mr. Aamer Liaqat. The way she aired the show where a Hindu was being listened as reciting Kalima and accepting Islam was just a try to increase the ratings. In real sense these shows are unable to inculcate any religious values.

And to spice and crisp up the things there is another heroine on Hero TV, the one and only Veena Malik. Her show Astaghfar from start to end is scripted in a worst possible way. The kind of words being used by the anchor and mock scholar seriously hurts the religion's sanctity. 

The way all these and other shows are being aired without any moral and ethical guidelines seriously put in question the way religion is being treated in our country.
I shall like to request TV channels:

“Religion is entirely not for sale so please stop selling and start practicing and preaching"

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