December 5, 2011

We, Our Media and Veena Malik

She is in the news again and this time with more glitz and glamour. This is due to her alleged photo shoot for FHM India’s December cover. Though she is denying this and she has every right to do that as in this tech world anything is possible where as the editor of the magazine is constantly saying that this photo shoot is real and has been done by Veena Malik and not by morphing. Controversy is deepening and Veena Malik has decided to take the magazine to court and has filed a lawsuit against FHM India for damages worth Rs.100 million alleging the men’s magazine had morphed her clothes-on images into nudes for its December 2011 issue. Let’s wait and see which way things move and who prove to be true.

There are certain things which bothered me regarding sensationalism of this issue by us and media. The act of Veena Malik if real is condemnable and cannot be praised but we should wait for the things to settle down first and then we should start passing our judgment. The issue being faced by us from last 64 years is that we are so good at completing the story and passing judgments without even listening to the aggrieved person and without waiting for the court’s judgment.

Just to increase their ratings all TV channels are airing this story as the breaking news. What is real breaking in this? Will they mind telling that when hundreds of girls daily get raped in their own homeland why isn't that a breaking news for their channels? Just because that won’t increase their viewership and ratings and posing for an Indian Magazine by an entertainment industry professional which is supposed to do things like this as she is in this profession has become breaking news. Will they mind telling why Child Sexual abuse, lack of educational facilities, killing in the name of religion and culture isn't breaking news? Are we only left to deal with Veena Malik’s issue? Aren't there hundreds and thousand of more important issues which they should highlight first as being responsible media? The country is having serious issues regarding economy and security but media is inquiring whether this photo shoot real or not. They are airing the news that new photos of Veena Malik have been published by magazine. They have become a court of justice themselves to pass judgment on their own. What Veena Malik did or not let her deal with it.

Now let’s talk about I, and You. We are so good to call Veena Malik as prostitute, slut, bitch and unpatriotic but we don’t look into ourselves. Every day millions of us watch pornographic content on internet and on TV and we don’t consider that as wrong and against our religion but when Veena Malik do any immoral act then we start shouting about our religion. Every day thousands of us sleep with girlfriends, ditch them, make videos and photos of them naked or in improper dress and post it on internet and share it with our friends without their consent but when same is being done by Veena Malik in India then we start shouting about Islam again. Every day when hundreds of innocent girls and boys are being raped and killed then our ghairat doesn't wake up but when Veena or Meera do the same we start calling them Beghairat. Where do our Ghairat go when thousands of girls sell their body just because to earn some money for their family and for themselves.
It has been said by some wise man that 
Charity Begins at Home

So if we want to rectify the things then first we have to rectify ourselves. First we have to stop wrong doings by ourselves and only then we can expect and ask others to do so. Our media should also stop the sensationalism and should focus on real issues instead of dummy issues and only then we can progress and improve ourselves.

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