December 1, 2011

Thank You Khadim e Aala

You might have heard this name on Radio, watched on television or read in news paper several times a day every day. Yes he is no one else but the Chief Minister of country’s most populous province Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. Ever since Khadim e Aala took the charge of the office he named himself Khadim e Aala himself or by his party members whereas all over the world it is a practice that such names are given to some one by the public or by an independent commission after reviewing his / her work. In the last three years Khadim e Aala left no stone unturned to serve the people of his province.

Some of his remarkable services are as below:

  • As soon as he assumed the office he started “Sasti Roti Program” to provide Roti to masses in two rupees. Though the intention was good but the desired outcomes weren’t achieved but just to keep his ego and pride up Khadim e Aala continued the program and burnt billions of rupees from public’s taxed money in stove. Will Khadim e Aala dares to investigate this mass corruption and failure and will he return the money back to public? 
  • Every second month Khadim e Aala visits UK in the name of medical check up whereas people of Punjab don’t have access to basic health facilities even. Daily hundreds of people die because of poor health facilities but Khadim e Aala only cares about his and Nawaz Sharif’s health and don’t care about the health of millions of people of whom he is boasting to be the servant. Even Doctors went on strike for a month and hundreds of patient died but Khadim e Aala kept his ego and pride up and when many families lost their loved ones then Khadim e Aala woke up. 
  • Khadim e Aala lives in luxurious castles and homes but does he care about those who don’t find a place to sleep and they have to sleep at footpaths and in parks. 
  • Khadim e Aala started the project of Danish Schools which is indeed a commendable project for good education of poor children but isn’t he contradicting with the policy of his own government of providing quality education to every one and isn’t he trying to bifurcate the society in two classes where one class will be having access to state of the art facilities and others will be having poor facilities. Moreover it was better to improve the situation of already built schools so that every one can have access to quality education rather than a bunch of people. 
  • Khadim e Aala is spending 70 % of Punjab budget in Lahore and that only in new area of Lahore whereas old Lahore and rest of Punjab is posing a gloomy picture of poor governance. 
  • In order to popularize himself and his party he is using derogatory remarks against his opponents that in no way resembles with his personality and moreover he is trying to incite the passion of people to use them for his and party purpose rather than some national or social cause. 

Thank You Khadim e Aala for providing these and other remarkable services to People of Punjab but if you want to be real Khadim then you have to change your attitude.

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