November 14, 2011

PML (N)’s Confused Politics

Pakistan Muslim League (N) is the second largest political party in Pakistan in terms of vote bank and in terms of seats in Assembly.  In 2008 general elections PML (N) was able to won 91 National Assembly seats and 181 provincial assembly seats majority of which ( 63 National Assembly &  171 Provincial Assembly ) belong to Punjab whereas it was unable to won any seat from Sindh and fewer from KPK and Balochistan. Keeping in view these results it can’t be termed as a National Party as its major representation is from Punjab only.

Since the elections PML (N) had no clear vision and remained confused regarding certain issues and decisions. First they joined the PPP coalition government in center and took oath from Pervez Musharraf. They were betrayed by the Asif Ali Zardari (Co-Chairman of PPP) many times and then finally decided to quit government. To be in the power they bypassed their own charter of democracy and in Punjab they are supporting a faction of PML-Q named as unification block. It looks like as for them Punjab is only Pakistan as none of their prominent leadership has bothered to visit Sindh, Balochistan and KPK for almost a decade.
They always kept on crying for Sindh, KPK and Balochistan but in true sense they don’t really care about rest of Pakistan else than Punjab. They have their own paradise in Raiwind and they don’t want to come out of that paradise. For their own vested interests they provoked the people and rioted in Punjab and many other parts of Punjab as a result of which there was considerable loss of logistics and revenue to Wapda and other national exchequers. Every other day both brothers visit UK in the name of medical check up where as millions of people in Punjab and Pakistan don’t have access to primary health facilities. For more than three years they didn’t bother to protest on real issues like electricity load shedding, joblessness, price hike and many more and Nawaz Sharif always said that he wish that Government should complete his 5 years.

For 3 years 8 months and 10 days they didn’t noticed any corruption, any price hike, any law and order issue and as soon as Imran Khan announced his procession in Lahore to be held on 30th October they woke up from their dreamy world and came to know that there are several issues being faced by Pakistani people and decided to hold a procession in their own den. I am amazed on this. This is so funny that a party is holding anti government rallies and procession in a province where they are in power themselves. Millions of rupees are being spent to make this procession successful. Even if they had decided to organize this procession in Balochistan, FATA, KPK, interior Sindh, Southern Punjab then I may had decided to commend their effort. But today’s procession is just an eye wash. It is just a political drama to save their drowning worth and vote bank in Punjab. Leaders like Javed Hashmi who in absence of them took care of whole party in era of Musharraf and was put in jail too has been sidelined from the party just for the reason that he opposes their unjustified decisions. The party which cannot do justice with their own leaders how they are supposed to do justice with masses. And this is not the case with PML (N) only every other party do this.

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