June 5, 2011

The Technology Triangle

In this era of technology our way of living has been changed altogether. We are much advanced, more sophisticated and quicker to do our work. Every other day we get to know some new invention or some new product launched in tech world. This is not over and the competition is growing. Life is becoming robotic now. We think about technology, we work on technology and we live on technology. Infect its hard to live life without technological products. Though technology has made certain good impacts on our life but as it has been said by some wise man:

Excess of every thing is bad

Using something in limit is always good but when one uses it over the limits then it may create some issues and that’s what is happening with us right now. We are moving in a technological triangle most of the time especially young generation. Our morning starts with updating “Good Morning” status on Facebook and sending text messages to bulk of friends. Our evenings are spent in front of televisions and our nights in front of laptop and internet.

In schools, colleges, universities most of the people are busy talking or texting on phones and even during the lectures. Same is going in offices. If one gets a chance to use internet anywhere the first thing he/she will be doing will be opening Facebook. All these things not only hurt our productivity but also put a question mark on our ethics. If one gets free from texting or talking from cell phone then he/she switches on television and after that laptop. So we spend 80% of our time in these things. Our socialization is becoming less. We don’t have knowledge about our neighbors and colleagues. We like to ask how one is feeling through Facebook or through texting but don’t like to walk to that person for a single minute. We don’t have time to spend with our family but we do have time to talk with our girl friends. We don’t have time to offer prayer but we do have time to watch television. We don’t have time read a book but we do have time to use Facebook. As a result of all this we are getting away from our relations. We are becoming robots.

The need of the hour is to bring a balance in our life. We should use all these things but not excessively. We should give ample time to all the things. In this way we will be able to get more positive results and we will be more successful in our lives.

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