June 5, 2011

Killing the Dead

U.S is the super power of the world. They are technologically advanced and sharp. They have the most sophisticated technology of the world. They have the most efficient spying agencies in the world. They have no shortage of money and resources. They have whole world support with them. They have seamless technology to track each and everything in the world. There network of spies and forces are present in whole world. In short every thing is in favor of them. Yet it took them 10 Years and around $ 280 billion to $ 5 Trillion to track Osama bin Laden who once was their own agent and who was their own creation.

But the most astonishing and humorous fact is that they spent such large amount of money and time to kill the person who was already dead. Bravo to them for such a wonderful effort. It took world’s super power 10 years to kill a bird that was never alive. And how shamelessly they are making merry on this. How shamelessly they are trying to befool the world and U.S tax payer. They had spent billions of dollars from their tax payer money to kill an already dead person. They have breached the sovereignty of a country to kill a dead person. But they cannot keep on fooling the world with their agendas anymore. People are getting true information through different sources and surely they will bring all those responsible for this so called fabricated and manipulated “War on Terror” culprits to justice. Infect this “War on Terror” has become a “War of Terror”. The world was a peaceful place before this war was planned and initiated. Moreover the independent sources have also confirmed that 9/11 was an inside job and was pre planned job. I am not saying this. This has been said by credible sources and by U.S citizens.

This is the time for U.S to stop this carnage of innocent people around the world for their vested interests and should start working for the peace of the world in true sense. On one side they boast to fight against Al-Qaeda and Taliban and extremist forces and on other side they are helping Al-Qaeda and other extremist forces in Libya and other countries to topple the governments. What kind of war is this? What kind of justice is this? Can a person be enemy and friend at the same time? No it can’t be but in case of U.S it is possible. It was U.S who in 70s and 80s helped in creation of Taliban and Osama bin laden for their interests and when their interests got fulfilled they started war against them. Now they are doing the same thing in Libya and other Islamic countries. U.S should stop this hypocrisy and should align their action and intentions. If they really care about this world and peace then they should stop double games and should work for peace in the world in true sense.

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