June 5, 2011

Democracy is the Best Revenge

When Benazir Bhutto (Shaheed) returned to Pakistan after a self imposed exile she was asked by reporters that “Do she intends to take revenge from anyone?” and she replied that “Democracy is the best revenge. She had clearly expressed that she had no grudge towards anyone and if she gets successful in bringing back democracy in Pakistan that will be the revenge to all those who deprived this country from democracy. When she was murdered in December 2007 reporters again asked his son “Do you intend to 
take revenge from anyone?” and she also said the same thing:

My mother always said, “Democracy is the best revenge” – Bilawal Bhutto [31st Dec 2007]

And then Asif Ali Zardari had also repeated this on number of occasions. Now this sentence has become a fashion for every PPP leader. Every other occasion they use this sentence to cover up their incompetence. In reality the context of this has been changed a bit and now it is like this:

“Democracy is the best way to take revenge”

Ever since the country is democratized after Musharraf coup and after dummy assemblies the revenge is becoming more and more intense. Every other day people have to face some new form of revenge. Be it inflation or corruption, be it law and order situation or injustice, and be it education or unemployment. In every way Government is committed to take as many revenges as they can so that this pity nation never think of bringing back democratic forces in this country.

Since the PPP Government and other provincial governments have started functioning the life of the masses of Pakistani people is becoming miserable by every day. Below is a short overview of how this Government has taken revenge from masses through increasing prices of commodities and taxes.

Prices during Musharraf Government
Prices during Democratic Government
Floor (Per KG)
13 Rs
26 Rs +
Sugar (Per KG)
21 Rs
65-70 Rs
MILK (Per Liter)
32 Rs
65-70 Rs/ Liter
60 Rs
86 Rs
11 %
16 %
15 %
19.5 %
PETROL (Per Liter)
45 Rs
88.41 Rs

This revenge is not only limited to the prices of commodities but this is prevalent every where. Flood tax has been introduced to add more miseries in the life of people but the life style of our rulers is not getting changed. They are spending more and more money on their luxuries. More and more ministers are being taken on board and more and more money is being spent every day on needless things. They are only good at advising the nation but they themselves don’t act on those pieces of advice. Below are few details of particular sectors:

Revenge from Education
In education sector no attention is being paid to raise the literacy level and instead the education budget is being cut down. HEC (Higher Education Commission) which was playing a vital role in raising the standards of higher education is going to be dissolved and its budget has also been cut.

Revenge from Judiciary
Though all provincial and federal governments boast about the rule of law and independence of judiciary but the fact is they never mean it. Every government tries to put hindrances against smooth functioning of judiciary. Numerous examples are available. NRO case, Steel Mill case, Hajj Scam, NICL case and many more. Government is making all efforts to stop judiciary from taking action against culprits.

Revenge from the Poor
Since the last few months Pakistan is dramatically short of food – UN categorizes Pakistan among the few countries where a civil movement can be triggered by the food crisis. Is Pakistan heading towards a civil war? We have started our journey on this track. Every time we stop on a red light, someone knocks on the glass for money.

This list will go on and on. The need of the hour is that our rulers should understand the miseries of the people and should work for the interests of the people as they have to come back to people for getting elected during next elections which are not so far.

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