May 10, 2011

Sleep Tight, Pakistan Armed forces are Awake

Ever since I was a child I was a fan of Pakistan Army. I always saluted them whenever I see them. I always wanted to be a part of world’s most courageous army and always wanted to get my name in the list of martyrs. I always wanted to serve my country through Pakistani armed forces. Infect not only me every one in this land of pure wanted to be in Pakistani armed forces whether he/she is a girl or a guy, young or old. Every one has the passion to fight and die for his country.
But things had changed in past years especially with military intervention in politics time and again. The respect
for Pakistani armed forces kept on descending in my heart till 2nd May 2011 when I am left with not much respect for them. The army which made us proud in the world let us down in front of the whole world. Though this wasn’t the first time that U.S forces operated in Pakistan without or with our consent but earlier they used to do it in areas close to Afghan border and today they have done it in an Urban area near Pakistan Military Academy in Abbotabad just 60 KM away from capital Islamabad. Though after every drone attack and after every such military operation by U.S and NATO we kept on boasting about our sovereignty but today’s operation was last nail in the coffin. It was a shut up call for all of us.

The question here is:

Were our armed forces even aware of this operation?

Yes or No in both cases we are shameful of them. If they were aware and they let Americans do the operation on our soil then their ability is questionable and if they were not aware of what had happened or what was going to happen even then we are more shameful. The forces which are meant to guard our borders had no clue who was operating in their own homeland. They had no information of who was coming and who was leaving. Are they only good at politics or picking people from their homes? Are they only good at social work and relief work? But this is not their work. They should do what is their duty and that is to guard our borders and to keep us save.

I request Chief of all armed forces to kindly divert all your efforts in safeguarding interest of Pakistan and not of America. We are nothing without Pakistan. Please don’t let your people down. If we have faith in any institution in this country then either that is judiciary or armed forces. So please help us to regain that faith fully.

May ALLAH (SWT) keep us safe.

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