May 11, 2011

It’s Never Too Late

The U.S operation in Abbotabad on 2nd May 2011 raised several questions and concerns in Pakistani people about their country’s sovereignty and safety. Though every one know that U.S spies are operating directly in Pakistan since 9/11 with the consent of Pakistani military and civil government but still they haven’t conducted any ground operation in Pakistan till 2nd May. Though all of us know who was Raymond Davis and who helped him to flee from Pakistan safely. Though all of us know with whom consent and support drone attacks are being conducted in Pakistan. Though all of us know with whom consent several Pakistani prisoners had been given in U.S custody since 9/11. Though all of us know why target killing in Karachi is not getting controlled. Though all of us know who is behind this political reconciliation and who is getting benefitted by all this. Though all of us know why there isn’t any opposition in our National and Provincial assemblies. Though all of us know who is behind sectarian violence and who triggers all these issues for their vested benefits. And though all of us know that 2nd May operation in our territory without our permission represents the negligence and incompetence of the civil and military leadership.
But the questions here are:
  • How long will these shows continue and how long shall we allow this to happen?
  • How long shall we keep on sleeping and snoring as a nation? 
  • How long shall we keep on supporting the incompetent civil and military leadership  who are working for the interests of U.S and west and not for Pakistan?
  • How long it will take us to stop worrying about Roti, Kapra and Makan only and how long will it take us to start worrying for Pakistan?
The answers to all these are these are as below:
  • These shows should end immediately. All the misadventures of U.S and other forces should be stopped by our civil government now first by dialogues and then by force. They should clearly communicate them that Pakistan’s respect; sovereignty is their first and foremost priority. People have selected us for this reason. They should communicate to them that if Pakistan pulled out of this war then Afghanistan can become a second Vietnam for U.S forces. They should let them know clearly that this cooperation should not be a master and slave relationship but should be on equal basis. It is the time for our military and civil government to show some character and nation will back any such decision which will be aimed at bringing back our respect and pride.
  • As a nation we should also stop sleeping and should wake up. These are final wake up calls for us and if we shall not respond now then it will be too late. Yet it’s never too late for our nation and our government. Our nation should stand for themselves and their country. We should stop electing the incompetent people just for our vested interests. We should vote for those who are good for our country.  We should realize that vote is the best way to revolution. Instead of wasting it we should use it wisely. We should raise our voice against the incompetent government and should give them a clear message to mend their ways now. Moreover we should stop worrying about Roti, Kapra and Makaan only. We should work for Pakistan. We are if Pakistan is and if God forbid something wrong will happen to Pakistan then there will be nothing for us. In this scenario the role of our youth is very much vital. Instead of just chatting, dating, flirting we should realize our duties and responsibilities and should start working in that direction. We are the future leaders of this country and if we want to see this country prosperous then this is the time to work for it.

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