April 4, 2011

Whoever wins or loose, Cricket, Love & Peace should be the Ultimate Winner

Pakistan will take on arch-rivals India in ICC World Cup 2011 Semi Final today. Though every match between these two teams had been a matter of pride for both the teams and nations but this match has got special attention as it both countries are encountering after a long time and moreover both of them are encountering in Semi Final of World cup which means that the team who will loose will go back to home and winning team will advance to play Sri Lanka in Final.

Match is equally important for both teams and there will be pressure on both teams. Media has created much hype among masses and they are calling this as a mother of all matches. Indian media as usual is so good at creating hype where as Pakistani media is trying to follow its counter part rigorously. It is also being claimed that match is fixed and several more baseless things are being said where as book makers are also ready to make money out of this match. Most of them have put their whole life earnings at stake. In recent days in both countries there is only one topic which is being discussed over media and among masses and that is Pakistan vs. India match. Some of them are terming as matter of life and death, some are terming it as a chance to restore national proud and some as World War III. Whatever it is being termed it should be only taken as a game of cricket where one has to won and other has to loose. There will be only one winner at then end ultimately i.e. India or Pakistan. Whoever wins it should try to be calm and whoever loose it should also try to show sportsman spirit. Fans of both teams should also accept the final result whole heartedly.

Another good thing of this match is that Indian Prime Minister has invited Pakistani Prime Minister to watch the match with him at the stadium. Pakistani Prime Minister has also responded well and he will be flying to Mohali today to watch this epic clash. This will also help in restoring relations in both countries and it can be hoped that both neighbors can continue in positive direction.

Regardless of who wins or loose Cricket, Love and Peace should be the ultimate winner because these are the most important things which we need at this time.

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