April 17, 2011

Israel trying to develop relations with Pakistan through Facebook

Social Media especially Facebook and Twitter are very much popular all around the globe. Every one is using them whether he/she is a student, businessman, housewives, religious scholars etc. Name anyone from any class of life and you will find him a user of any of the above mentioned media.

The popularity is increasing by every passing day. We have already seen that businesses are advertising and winning customers through Facebook whereas recruiters are recruiting potential candidates through Facebook too. Some are making friends while others are searching for their life partners. All this and many more activities like games, information gathering are being carried out through these social networks.
All of the above mentioned activities may not look odd to anyone but what is interesting about the Facebook is that it may be the first time that social media is being used to develop relationships with other country.

As we all know that Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel and infect Pakistan hasn’t recognized Israel till yet but in an attempt to foster relationships with Pakistani people, especially with youth, Israel has decided to use much popular social media Facebook.
They have created a page on Facebook by the name of Israel in Pakistan.
At first, by the title of Page, it looks as if Israeli embassy is working in Pakistan but when you go into “info” tab, only then situation gets little clearer.
The information mentioned on the page is as below:
Since Israel and Pakistan do not enjoy formal diplomatic relations, this online embassy serves to foster friendship between nationals of Israel and Pakistan on Facebook. Hopefully we can soon build real embassies in Pakistan and Israel, Shalom!
“The Embassy of Israel in Pakistan has created this Facebook page as a resource of information on Israel and provides updates on the Mission’s activities to the general public.”
For the time being they have also allowed user postings on the page and till date 2500 people have joined the page. The page is being advertised rigorously through Facebook adverts. Till now most of the postings on the page contain hatred and racism against Jews & Israel.
Let’s see how much they will be successful in their attempt to develop relations with Pakistan. But one thing that people should do that despite the hatred with Israel they should comment or post in a civilized manner as they are representing Pakistan.
Right now people are posting in an offensive, uncivilized manner which is bringing disrepute for them and country as well.
Moreover this matter should be taken at Pakistan Government level and government should devise a strategy in this regard too.

In this regard here are few questions:

Should we join this page?

Should Government of Pakistan restrict access for Pakistanis to this page?

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