April 4, 2011

Cell Phones a tool to exchange forbidden emotions in Pakistan

Pakistani nation is largely and swiftly getting transformed into cell phone crazy nation. Their craze for cell phone and cellular services is going up by every passing day. These cell phones are easy tool to exchange internal desires between two genders which otherwise are very hard to exchange.

In Pakistan cellular companies have introduced cheapest packages as compared to rest of the world. Texting in Pakistan for whole day ranges between 1-5 Rs/day depending on different operators and in some cases it is even cheaper than this. A used cell phone costs as less than as 1000 Rs or moreover companies have introduced their own cell phones at cheaper rates. Moreover china made cell phones are also available at cheaper rates having all the functions available in branded phones.

In last seven years cell phone usage has risen dramatically. In 2003 only 5 % of Pakistani population was using cell phone which has now risen to around 70 % as per PTA report.

No Division between Genders

Cell phone technology is setting off traditional barriers between young and mature Pakistani men and women. Every one is busy texting or calling someone and youth is mostly busy in texting or calling their girl friends/ boy friends. Before this technology it wasn’t that much easy to share feelings between girls and boys but as it is getting cheaper and cheaper exchange of hidden emotions is taking place freely but secretly from family or elders. Infect social values are diminishing because of excessive usage of cell phones.

Cell phones have made it possible to carry out relations with opposite sex. Moreover frequent and excessive use of internet is also doing more harm than good as it is widely being used for chatting and watching pornographic content.

Though most of people are getting benefitted by this technology and don’t want it to be made costlier as in their view this is the only source of entertainment for poor people. But some people want to get these unlimited texting or call packages to be cut as they are harming social values.

Cell Phone Marriages

While there is still widespread expectation that parents will choose the marriage partner for their son or daughter, cell phones are beginning to change this custom.

It is not uncommon for a young man and woman to meet via their cell phones and then elope if their parents don’t agree to the relationship.

A young woman began her relation with her husband by texting secretly her husband. She got number from her brothers cell phone and started texting the guy without letting him know. This relation instantly grown in a love relation and later both of them got themselves bonded in relation of husband and wife.

Though Sarah family doesn’t know yet about this love scene and all of the things were done formally through a formal proposal from boy’s family. As per Sarah if had come to know about this love they had never allowed them to marry.

Social Impact

While phones have made it possible to stay in communication with loved ones in case of emergency and bring a greater sense of security to many, socializing via cell phones has become a problem with some Pakistani’s starting to note that cell phones are diminishing the quality of their relationships. As per a journalist, “It used to be that people made time for each other, and when they met they really paid attention to each other. But not these days; someone’s cell phone is sure to interrupt the conversation,” he said.

A professor said, “I stopped going to a friend’s house basically because whenever I went she would be on her cell phone the whole time I was there.”


Anonymous said...

In India a cleric has issued a fatwa banning youth especially the girls from using the cells. Can you consult a Pakistani cleric and post his views.

Asad Piracha said...

John as far as I know there isn't any such fatwa or harm in using the cell phones as no religious scholar barred any girl from it. But I shall confirm it and shall get back to you.

Anonymous said...

One lie makes many.

Anonymous said...

Fatwa in India?? you are really creeping me out. as being one of the largest open market in the world how someone can think there will be such things in India??