April 4, 2011

10 Reasons Why I don’t trust America

America is the super power of the world. I don’t have any personal grudges with American citizens or the country itself. There are number of factors on the basis of which I have no faith in American governments.

1. They always cry about democracy and have attacked Iraq and some other parts to restore democracy but at the same time they support dictators in the world. They are supporting dictators in Middle East and they have supported all the dictators in Pakistan.

2. They always cry about nuclear arsenals of Pakistan, Iran and other Muslim world but in the same time they don’t pay any heed to the nuclear activities of Israel.

 3. They always cry regarding violations of human rights in Iran, Libya and other Muslim countries but at the same time they don’t even talk about the violations Israel is doing in Palestine.

4. They can only see suicide bombers in Pakistan killing innocent people but at the same time they are unable to see the drone attacks in which thousands of innocent Pakistanis have been killed.

5. They talk about freedom of speech every other time but at the same time when Wikileaks do the same they start to use negative means to stop that.

6. They supported a dictator Gen. Zia Ul Haq who hanged elected Pakistani Prime Minister to death and then when they started to feel that Zia Ul Haq is not working for their interests they killed him.

7. They always cry about independent judiciary and rule of law but at the same time they have kept hundreds of innocent prisoners in Guantanamo Bay without any charges and according to Wikileaks they were not in favor of restoration of Pakistani Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

8. They only see casualties of innocent people by Libyan forces but at the same time they don’t see the causalities of hundreds and thousands of innocent human beings in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

9. They always cry about fanatic Islamic elements but at the same time they don’t see fanatic elements like Terry Jones in their own homeland.

10. They always cry about Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden but they have forgotten that it was America who supported all of them during Soviet war in 1979 and infect America was master mind behind all of them.

These and many more factors have contributed towards my disbelief in American Governments because they are hypocrites; their words and actions are entirely different. And this trust can only be restored once they align their actions with their words, once they consider all human beings equal and treat every one fairly regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, color.


Sohail said...

Very Nice

Anonymous said...

Wow Ok let's start with #1 Cry Democracy The fact is most Americans (rememeber we are a nation of all religions Catholic,muslim ,jews,etc) believe that the Middle East is run by religion therefore you can never be a democratic country. We can't police the world and for you to think we support dictatorship means that you are a narrow minded thinker! because we are not at war we support. Your leaders dont tell there people they ask for help otherwise we could not be there. 2 we have never have been attacked by the Israel 3. There is a difference between fighting over land and human rights. 4 Drone attacks were never without your countries appproval and combined intelligence. Osama's attack was done in secret because we realized the pakistan gov't was hiding him and would have tip this monster off. Ok Guantanamo bay, "prisoners of war" what would your country or Iraq have done beheaded, dissappear maybe tortured. Weren't they feed,had a roof over there head oh and released. Then Terry Jones Burning the Quran One pastor out of thousands in our country that Americans thought was crazy. He was then of course picked up by Middle East media and the protest started you made him famous not Americans.Then he was blamed for murders that happened in the protest shouldn't the media be responsable. How many christians are killed in your country how many muslims burn the American Flag after we loan your country billions and all you can cry about is Terry Jones. 1979 when we supported Osama we supported the MIDDLE EAST agaisnt Russia. We had know Idea that he was going to become an evil figure that your countries created because he was able to recruit uneducated,poor men from your country and brain wash them. We are sick and tired of people like you always blaming Americans. You are the ones that always cry,cry,cry. Just in my block alone We have turkish people,people from pakistan,from Poland and india even hebrew we share each others culture our kids play with each other and go to school. We could care less what religous faith you are thats what makes this country strong and rich. You speak about equality all humans equal funny when people come here from the Middle East the truth comes out how women are treated there rights arent equal. Your leaders live lavishly while people starve they cant build schools in areas that religous tribes control. The Christians are afraid to be christians or mix with Muslims. You are taught to hate Jews and Americans whose the hypocrite Maybe you should come to America a see why people dont leave. You sound brainwashed by the media and your religion