March 16, 2011

Seal your Lips or Pack your Bags!

Any one who is advocate of Aasia Bibi or who is against the illegal use of Blasphemy laws has been yet again warned by fanatics to either seal the lips or face the consequences. And the consequence is no less than loss of life.

The second advocate of Aasia Bibi has been brutally murdered right in the center of our mesmeric capital Islamabad and he is no other but the Minister of Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti. While another advocate Javed Ghamidi has already left the country to save his life after death threats. I wish that this don’t grow further and there should be no further loss of life.
I don’t have words to say on this brutal murder. We are moving to Stone Age. This simply conveys a clear message from fanatics to all those who want to raise their voices peacefully that there is no room for them to speak. They have to sit silently and see what is happening or they have to face the consequence. This country no more remains a place to voice out opinion. If one wish to voice his/her opinion he/she has to pack his/her bag and should move to some other place because we don’t have patience to listen to any one. We just want to get our ideas and thoughts implemented at any cost and this phenomenon is not limited to religious fanatics whole country is in grip of this.

From politicians to establishment, from civil society to media, from common man to an executive every one try to get his/her thoughts implemented and don’t want others to differ from it. There are so many examples of this. When a minister tries to speak up against his party then he is being separated from ministry. When a journalist tries to cover the injustice of establishment then he is being thrashed by agencies and this story never ends. It continues in our daily lives. We specifically cannot blame anyone for this intolerant behavior. They all are part of us. We have to start this from ourselves and hence only we can make our society tolerant and peaceful. May ALLAH (SAW) give us courage and patience to listen to others

May ALLAH (SAW) rest his soul in peace

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