March 23, 2011

I am Sorry Mr. Davis

I am sorry Mr. Davis for all the mishaps happened with you in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. First of all I am sorry for calling you with wrong name but I don’t know the right one and how can I know your majesty right name since I am a Pakistani and you are a US citizen. I don’t have any right to know your right name. I am extremely sorry to you that two Pakistani robbers tried to rob you in Mazang area of Lahore on 21st January 2011. I am sorry again that they wanted to deprive you from your precious US Dollars and they wanted to take your life i.e. Life of a US Citizen. And you have to kill them in your self defense. I further feel sorry that your consulate car has to kill the third Pakistani National because he was riding a bike and was causing delay to them who were coming to rescue you.

I am further ashamed to you that you were taken by Pakistani Police to Police Station instead of taking you to US consulate safely. I cannot express how grieved I am on the way they treated you. They taunted you in Urdu and Punjabi just because you were a US citizen. They didn’t provide you with mineral water and hygienic food. Yet again I am sorry to you for the behavior of our civil society, media and politicians.

I am sorry that you were trialled in Pakistani court regardless of the fact that you were a US citizen and you were their diplomat in our country. Instead of granting you diplomatic immunity as you yourself have claimed and your esteemed embassy has claimed we didn't believe in your words and kept on verifying it through our foreign office records. We must have believed you because you were a US citizen. We must have known it that the words of US citizens are more authentic than the record of Pakistani foreign office. I further feel sorry to you that we kept on putting different allegations on you and we tried to disrespect you.

I am sorry that we kept you behind the bars for around 2 months causing you a voluminous loss of your important assignments and work. Since we don’t know the importance of your majesty’s time so kindly pardon us for this. You might have to work now for day and night to cover this loss. I am sorry that after you got acquitted in double murder case by our respective and free judiciary yet people are chanting slogans to trial you under spying charges.

I am sorry that you were our valued guest in Pakistan but we were unable to safeguard your interests, we were unable to provide you diplomatic immunity, we were unable to serve you in better way as you should have been treated being our guest. I will request you to not to come to Pakistan again and please take all your companions with you from here once for all as we cannot provide you the kind of hospitality you want from us.

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