February 16, 2011

Is Being US Citizen the only crime?

Raymond Davis is a US citizen who killed two Pakistanis directly while two others have been killed as a result of these killings. Whatever he did should be condemned at all forums as four precious lives have been lost as a result of his act. This is a real test of our justice system and our patience. Any malfunctioning can bring a bad repute to our country.
There are few political and religious parties which are demanding hanging of Raymond Davis even before the trial or judgment. Every one does have the freedom of expression but one shouldn’t try to create undo pressure on judicial as well as executive system that may deprive someone of his right and cost his life as our constitution gives every one the right of fair trial. So if Raymond Davis is being trialed in Pakistan he should be trailed fairly as per the law of land and authorities should make it sure that justice should be the winner at the end whether it is for Raymond Davis or the victims. Few days back PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e –Insaf) who seems to be the representative of young generation of Pakistan organized a rally in favor of victims and there the PTI activists were chanting slogans of public execution of Raymond Davis. While there isn’t any law of public execution in Pakistan it is sad to see that PTI which boasts to be the law abiding party is calling for something unlawful and extra judicial. There isn’t any example in which any person had been hanged publicly ever in Pakistan. The demand of public execution by PTI only because the murderer is US citizen is unjust and they are trying to ignite the emotions of people by wrong doings. Instead of this they and all other parties should call for a fair trial and judgment and should not use this issue for political purposes as it can lead up to massive destruction in the society and in our relations with the US.

If Raymond Davis is US citizen then it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t provide him a chance to a fair trial or we should hang him publicly. Infect this case is a real test of our government, our nation and our judicial system and justice should be the winner at the end for every one.

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