January 17, 2011

We are The Judges, We are The Witnesses

I was shocked to listen the news of tragic and barbaric murder of Salman Taseer and didn’t believe until I watched it myself on TV but more shocking to me was the kind of statements and comments people were passing on this brutal killing. Instead of condemning and mourning people were making merry on this tragic and shocking incident. Apart from all personal, political and religious grudges this act should be condemned by every person related to any sector, any religion. 

Governor Salman Taseer has been murdered innocent, “Innocent until proven guilty”. There was no charge against him, he wasn’t convicted blasphemous by any court of law. He has been murdered by fanatic mindset which is trying to make this Islamic state a fanatic state. I have few questions to those who are hailing this killing

1. Have they listened what Salman Taseer said about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and blasphemy law?

2. Have they taken the issue to any court of law?

3. Has any court of law convicted Salman Taseer as guilty of blasphemy and ordered execution of him?

4. Have they read the blasphemy law and do they know what happened with Aasia Bibi?

The answer to all this is “NO”. About 95 % of our nation doesn’t know what the blasphemy law is, what was the Aasia Bibi case. They are just following the fanatic clerics so when a person hasn’t been trialed how can be his killing justified when Islam states it very clearly that:

Murder of one human being is Murder of all human beings

So we should not try to become judge and witnesses ourselves. Islam and our constitution give every one the right to defend him/her. I hope this case will be investigated thoroughly and all the culprits will be brought to justice and this case won’t get shelved like other political murders.

More or less our system is also to be blamed in this scenario. In our country our religious scholars are those who don’t know ABC of religion, our economist are those who don’t know anything about economics, our managers are those who don’t know about management. People don’t have faith in justice system. This requires overhauling of all the system and our education system. Only then we will be able to root out this radicalism and fanaticism from our nation.

May ALLAH (SWT) rest his soul in peace.

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