January 17, 2011

Our Journey to Downfall

ALLAH(SWT) says in Quran:

“And hold fast, all of you together to the Rope of ALLAH, and be not divided among yourselves

Have we ever realized the factors which led our downfall from being the rulers of almost half of the world to what we are now? Have we ever thought of what wrong we did which brought us into this situation in which we are forced to beg from international communities and donors for our existence? Have we ever thought who is responsible for all this which is happening with us or we just try to throw our burden on others? The answer is “No”. We never bothered about it. We have been made so much money and status hungry that all other things look unimportant to us. The so called westernization and modernization has engulfed our mind and our culture. We have just become puppets in the hands of some irresponsible people and we are moving in the direction where they are taking us.

While the Muslim world is having one of the biggest oil resources on the planet, why is it that still we are being ruled and operated by western forces? While we are having best intellectuals available why is it so that we have to look to western intellectuals for knowledge and education. It is just because they have made us economically poor and mentally disabled. Our life is being controlled and influenced by the satanic forces. They have captured our minds through their influential media and now they have made us to do what ever they want. Once I read a very interesting quote written outside a bank which states:

In a world where money talks there should be someone who should listen you

While it had been mentioned in the context of customer services and other services in context of bank it is very close to our real life situation. This is what happening in the world. If you have money you have respect, friendship and relations. If you don’t have then you are isolated.

Now have we ever  though Why is it so that now we don’t have time to see our ailing parents, brothers and sisters while we have so much time to see our girl friends?  Why is it so that we don’t have time to call our father or mother while we talk as much as whole night with our girl friends?  Why is it so that we don’t have money for paying alms while we have hundreds and thousands of rupees to waste in casino’s and bars?  Why is it so that we have time to go to cinemas while we cannot spare 5 minutes for offering prayer?  Why is it so that we have money to visit whole world while we cannot manage to offer Hajj only once in life.

The answer to all this is that we have left the path of ALLAH and Quran. We have made science more authentic than Quran and money more authoritative than Almighty ALLAH. We have created different sects among ourselves. The only reason we ruled the world and progressed was our strong faith in ALLAH. As soon as we left the right path we are facing all these challenges.

Now every thing is up to us. We have to rectify our actions and thoughts. Instead of pointing at each other we have to rectify our self first. If each one of us rectifies him/her self then we can be at the top again. It is the time to “Think, Act and Deliver”.

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