January 18, 2011

The Chemistry of Love

I love you and I cannot live without you.

I love you and you are my life.

I love you and we both are made for each other.

I love you and we should marry now.

I love you and my life is incomplete without you.

These were all oldy goldy dialogues. Time has changed and so does the attitude of girls and guys towards love. Now a days following are in fashion.

I don’t feel like loving you but still I wana be with you more and more day and night

There is no love between us, we are just friends.

I do love you but I can live without you.

I love you but I cannot marry you.

I feel like loving you, but we should spend some more time alone to understand each other well.

The approach towards love has been altogether changed in our society now. Eternal love has been changed into fractional love and spiritual love has been changed into physical love. Girls and guys are busy playing with each other thinking themselves as the biggest players turning out to be biggest fool in the end. Love has merely become a tool for physical relations, money and fame.

The need is to separate out Love from crush and lust. A beautiful feeling is getting defamed because we are not able to understand the difference of Love and Lust or we don’t want to admit it because of the fear of loosing our partner. Love is spiritual feeling which one has for other and Lust is physical love. Mostly people are trying to hide their lust under the cover of love. One should be bold and honest enough to demonstrate his/her feeling and hence only this beautiful feeling can be saved from defamation.

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Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with these lines as true love has lost its true image in the world we are living now.